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MR-voorzitter Georges Louis-Bouchez: “Verbod op dividenden is slecht goed idee”

Mr. George Louis Bouches, Chairman of the Board of Directors: “Prohibition of dividend distribution in …

PS and Vooruit’s suggestion to halt dividends is a “good bad idea”. This was stated by MR Chairman George Lewis Bouches on Saturday during a virtual party meeting on May 1. Socialist parties threaten to do so if employees of companies with a good year cannot get more than a 0.4% wage increase (above the index). “It’s not reasonable. This is a really populist idea,” says Bouches.

The French-speaking liberals would actually oppose the proposal. It is easy to tell people that there will be no profits. Everyone claps because they say it’s about multinational corporations and the wealthy. Did you know that the Belgian state is a major recipient of profits? Buschies asked.

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“Are we going to tell the state: No more profits in Proximus and Belfius?” MR chief, who indicated that dividends also generate tax income, said. “The state will deprive itself of hundreds of millions of euros if we implement this measure and hundreds of millions less for social security and public services.”

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