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Mubasher: Storm leads Mechelen to double his lead at Ghent |  Jupiler Pro League 2020/2021

Mubasher: Storm leads Mechelen to double his lead at Ghent | Jupiler Pro League 2020/2021

  1. 39 ‘- yellow – Rob Chaves
  2. 32 ‘- goal – Verdi Drog (0-2)
  3. 29 ‘- goal – Nicola Storm (0-1)
  4. 7 ‘- Jill – Elisha Usu

Ostend European Qualifiers are off strong, so Chasers can’t stay behind. If Ghent and Michelin don’t want to look at a huge gap a day after the match, they’d better win. You can watch the match from 4:00 pm.

  1. The rest, 4:50 p.m.
  2. Rest, 16 hours 48. Ghent is in trouble. Steve Winants.
  3. The first half, 47th minute, the match ended
  4. First half, minute 46. Rest. Ghent’s European ambitions were already hit hard in the first half. Mechelen and especially Storm were very effective, while the home team was somewhat sloppy. .
  5. No penalty. Yarmchuk also wants a penalty kick, but he only gets a corner kick. The video assistant referee confirms this quickly. . First half, 44th minute.
  6. The first half, the 43rd minute. Bezos wants a penalty kick. Ghent’s busiest population is undoubtedly Bezos. This time he goes a little eagerly to the ground to decorate a penalty kick. Verboomen is not convinced. .
  7. The first half, minute 40. Yarmchuk wants to be in Ukraine’s choice for the European Championship. Then the attacker will have to finish more carefully and especially be more present in the Ghent attack game. .
  8. Yellow card by KV Mechelen’s Rob Schofs during the first half, minute 39
  9. First half, minute 37. Ghent tries to change course, but Bezos kicks the body of that darn Bear. .
  10. First half, minute 34. That was to be expected. After all, fluorescent yellow is the color of Ghent’s luck ….
  11. First half, minute 33.
  12. The first half, minute 32. The Dodge with 0-2! This time, the storm takes on the role of an advertiser. Puts the second goal in the afternoon in subtle detail at the feet of the next Drift he can no longer miss. Are we heading to the KVO standard? .
  13. A goal during the first half, the 32nd minute through KV Mechelen’s Verdi Drujv. 0.2.
  14. Storm again. Nicola Storm also scored the final goal in their last head-to-head match in February. . First half, minute 30.
  15. First half, minute 30.
  16. The first half, minute 29. Storm with 0-1! Mechelen scores with his first shot on goal. Shortly after Odjidja’s foul, the guests prepared a good attack. Storm cuts himself at 16 and releases his shot with the help of Ngadeu’s heels over the stampede bolts. .
  17. A goal in the first half, the 29th minute by Nicola Storm from KV Mechelen. 0.1.
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