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Multi Sketch Cup.  Van Crombrugge starts for Genk - Lammens vs Antwerp?  |  Sketch cup

Multi Sketch Cup. Van Crombrugge starts for Genk – Lammens vs Antwerp? | Sketch cup


ENT-OHL: Default settings

R Knock Club: cup; VanRevelgem, Bailly, Posey, Vervaak; Heblink, Prudhomme, Peters, Pierre; Hey, Mfumo
Ohl: Leisen, Xingtian, Bletinx, Miguel; Sagrado, Shlomo, book, handkerchief; Panzozzi, Thorstenson; Opoku


KVO-GNK: Van Crombrugge starts in Genk

Wouter Vrancken can confirm one thing about the cup match against KV Oostende: Hendrik van Crombrugge is on the kick-off. He will be able to take charge of the entire cup campaign. “But we don’t just give it as a gift, of course. Our goalkeepers have to earn their chances through performances.”

Franken will probably be in the rotation in a big way, given the busy schedule in the coming weeks. Brian Henin will travel to Ostend, but the chance of him featuring in the starting lineup looks slim. Tolu Arokodari remains out of action after sustaining a head injury last Sunday. “He should get enough rest,” Franken said. (slave)

Possible settings
KV Ostend: Gabriel; Willen, Tanguy, Basila, Van Daele: Dekoen, Dewaele, Osifo, Amadi; Hartwig, Perez
Racing Genk: van Crombrugge; Elwahdi, Cuesta, McKenzie, Kayembe; Galarza, Hrosowski; Paintsil, Alhaji, Fadira; a wall

Van Crombrugge. © Belga


ANT-CHA: Lamins in goal?

Antwerp receives its black monster in the Kroki Cup. Mark van Bommel has suffered three defeats in three league matches against Charleroi. “Charleroi is an annoying transitional team,” the Antwerp coach said. “We dominated three times and created chances each time, but we also lost three times. That was our fault, we didn’t defend well enough. But I’m confident we will turn around another round. I’m especially happy that we’re playing at home, that feeling is always better.” .

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It is time to put an end to this negative chain. Michel Ange Palicuecha also showed this weekend that his recent defeat still resonates. It could have been in the locker room, although his coach denies this. “I don’t have that impression. Every club has opponents that are statistically difficult to beat, and others that you almost always beat. It’s a strange phenomenon. Just like ‘form’. You can’t handle it, and you can’t get ‘kg of form’. But that’s not It changes our preparation because we haven’t done well against them in the past.

Gilly Bataille stayed through the first half against the OHL which is questionable, coupled with the long-term injury, everyone is ready. Van Bommel didn’t want to reveal who would be in goal just yet, but there’s a real chance that Ceni Lammens will get his chance, just as was the case against Lierse (and Porto). “There are no agreements on that. Ceni is the future. We brought him in in anticipation that Jean (Botez, ed.) might leave. He is one of the most promising talents in Europe. If things go well, you will be safe with him for 15 years, but I don’t think he will stay.” Here for a long time.

Possible settings
Antwerp: lamence. Corbani, Alderweireld, Van den Bosch, Vegendaal; Vermeeren, Keita, Ekelenkamp; Moga, Ilinykhina, Balikwesha

Charleroi: coffee; Bajer, Knezevic, Andreu, Rugeli; Ilimaharitra, Zurjan, Dragsen, Guyajon, Hemans; The tanner