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Myriam Mertens is the new director of space and economics for the municipality of Merigstad

Myriam Mertens is the new director of space and economics for the municipality of Merigstad

Miriam Mertens will be the new director of . As of October 1 Municipality of Merigstad. With Director General/Municipal Mayor Marijke Willems and Director Willem van den Heuvel, you will form the municipal administration. She succeeds Marieke Fossen, who will move from 1 September to JOOST housing association, where she will become principal and principal. Currently, Miriam Mertens is the Mayor/General Manager of the municipality of Wirt. Within the municipality of Merigstad she will work as the Director of Spatial Planning and Economics.

career of Miriam Mertens

Myriam gained experience in the spatial sector during her career in different municipalities. She has done so as Director of Spatial Planning, Director of Urban Development, Head of the Plans Realization Department, Head of the Construction and Housing Department, and Head of the Environment Department. As a municipal secretary in the neighboring municipality of Larbeck, she also gained several years of experience in a joint scheme with the social sphere as a focus area. Prior to moving to local government, Miriam worked at the Department of National Planning, the Catholic University of Nijmegen, the Eastern Spatial Planning Inspectorate, and the OTB Research Institute at TU Delft.

Miriam Mertens – Photo: Linda Bellin

Municipal Secretary happy to arrive

Municipal Secretary Marijke Willems is happy to have her come. “Myriam is a passionate and warm woman with extensive experience. She is able to connect City Hall employees, residents, businesses, organizations and local authorities with each other on complex issues in order to work together to find a solution. Myriam is really looking forward to her new job and we look forward to working with her.”

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Miriam (55 years old) lives in Geldrop with her husband and two children. Miriam Mertens is also enthusiastic about the step she will take: “Meierijstad made a very positive impression on me, not least because of how new colleagues spoke about the municipality. The principles in the organizational philosophy and assignments at Meierijstad really appeal to me. I am very much looking forward to my new position.”