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Mystery solved: If you dig a hole through the earth from Croningen you will end up here

You may have wondered (or not): Where in the world would you go if you dug straight down from Croningen? We have the answer!

If you like, bring your snorkel. You end up at sea!

New Zealand

Strictly speaking, you end up in the South Pacific Ocean about a thousand kilometers away next to New Zealand. Some smaller islands, such as Campbell Island, Antibots Island and Noise Islands, are slightly closer. You have to swim a little for that, but this view is worth those swim hands, isn’t it?

Antibots Island. Photo | Pixels


Such a point on the other side of the world has a name: an antibody. The antibody to any part of the earth is the point on the surface of the earth. Simply put, if you dig a hole directly, you will arrive at the antibody of the place where you started digging.

Some cities are ‘antipode cities’. That is, they are connected by a straight line passing through the center of the earth. For example, Madrid (Spain) and Weber (New Zealand) are the antidote, Shanghai (China) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Bangkok (Thailand) and Phnom Penh (Cambodia). Croningen is not an antipodal city because Croningen’s antipodal point is in the middle of the ocean.

படம் | Google Maps.


If you are wondering how we came up with this answer, take a look There you can fill a space and you will immediately see what is on the other side of the world.

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