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NAC continues its run of form under Van Gaal with a solid win against Telstar

NAC continues its run of form under Van Gaal with a solid win against Telstar

NAC managed to register their third straight win at home against Telstar. Jean-Paul van Gastel’s team overcame a deficit at home and won without playing much, but thanks to a revival in the second half: 3-1.

The hospital is slowly emptying, so Van Castle has more choices. For example, Matthew Corbett – after international commitments with New Zealand – was given a starting place, but Caspar Staring and Aimé Omgba still started on the bench. The coach also doesn’t have much reason to change after his first three games. A point against Jong FC Utrecht (1-1), a win against FC Groningen (3-2) and last week’s win at Kampur (2-3).

As in the previous three games, keeping a clean sheet was again in question. Less than ten minutes in, Dean Troost had to pick the ball out of the net behind him. Zakaria Eddahchouri beat Boy Kemper with a fine and hit hard. So the NAC had to catch up quickly.


It helped when referee Nick Smid pointed the spot too easily after twenty minutes. He saw a volley from Mitch Aba and was determined. Dominik Janocek was solid at 1-1. For the rest of the first half, NAC looked good and threatened, but that didn’t lead to any big chances.

After a quiet first fifteen minutes after the break, Sigurd Haugen, a bright spot at the NAC, breathed new life into the match. He shot at the goalkeeper from the turn. Then Clint Leemans (free kick, saved by goalkeeper) and Tom Boyer (header, just wide) came close to give Breda the lead.

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strong phase

It came after 66 minutes, when Corbett was sent deep by Martin Koselnik and hit the target: 2-1. A few minutes later, NAC ended the match. Striker Boyer headed a ball back into the far corner to make it 3-1. His third goal in a row.

This broke Telstar’s resistance. For the visitors, former NAC captain Alex Platt was in the starting line-up and old acquaintance Danny Baker came in. Mike Snowy’s side finished with ten men after a second yellow card for Seppe Augustins.

NAC is slowly regaining the top spot in the First Division thanks to the revival of Van Gaal (ten points from four games). Helmand Sport will visit next week.

NAC Sequence: consolation; Koscelnik, Besselink, Van den Bergh, Kemper, Wernerson; Corbett (70. Akogil), Leemans (70. Staring), Janocek (86. Omgba); Boyer, Hagan.

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