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Nafie Thiam is the all-around European Champion for the second time, Fedt should be satisfied with the 4th place

Nafie Thiam is the all-around European Champion for the second time, Fedt should be satisfied with the 4th place


I did it again. Nafeh Thiam did what she had to do in the 800m final and was crowned European champion in the heptathlon for the second time in her career, and there was no good news from Noor Wiedets. She could still be third, but she had to do better than Swiss Kalin. This did not happen. Kalin is in third place, behind Thiam and Solic. Vidts is fourth again.

source: BELGA

He lives. Follow all the action at the European Championships in Munich here!

In javelin throwing – one of her favorite disciplines, but always accurate due to past elbow issues – Thiam managed a 48-meter throw and 89 points, giving her fourth and 839 points. Thus, her total score reached 5,776 points, 172 points higher than the Swiss Annick Kalin. Third place is in the hands of Poland’s Adriana Solek (5,560 points). Nur Fidesz is currently in fourth place with 5,497 points. In the javelin throw – not exactly her strongest point – she posted her personal best of 41m 82, which is good for 702. Dutch vice-champion Anouk Vetter, vice-champion and vice-world champion, surrendered.

Nafeh Thiam built a big lead on the first day of the heptathlon on Wednesday. The world and Olympic champion opened the heptathlon with 13.34 in the 100-meter hurdles, good with 1,074 points and third place. Then she advanced by jumping over 1m98 (1211 points) and increased her lead by third in shooting (14m95, 858 points). Wiedets finished second in the 100 hurdles after 13.21 and held that position with a jump over 1m 83. After a shot (9, 13m 86) she had slipped to third. With the eleventh place in the 200 meters in 24.64 (920 points), the defending champion raised her total to 4,063 points. Nur Wiedets finished third in the latest edition of the day with a time of 24.14 points (967 points) and took second place on Wednesday.

On Thursday, in the long jump, the opening number for day two, Thiam went no further than the 6m08 jump, which gave her only ninth and 874 points. And remained in the lead with 4,937 points. Thiam opened the Olympics with a moderate 6m08 jump and then made two clear jumps. By comparison: her best is 6m86, in Eugene still scoring 6m59 during the world championships. She had to forget about the improvement at her best, which has reached 7,013 points since Götzis 2017, just like Carolina Cloft’s European record (7032 points, Osaka 2007). Fedett slipped to fourth in the standings from fourth in the long jump.

Last month, Nafie Thiam won her second world title in Eugene, USA. She hesitated for a long time to participate in the European Championships in Munich, but finally confirmed her participation. Noor Fidesz finished fifth in Eugene.


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