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Natalia is amazing in ‘The Best Of’: ‘This is so sexy and scary’ |  TV

Natalia is amazing in ‘The Best Of’: ‘This is so sexy and scary’ | TV

TVNatalia’s songs were covered this evening on The Best Of VTM. Camille, Barbara, Johannes, Coco Jr., Ronnie Musos and Davina Michel reimagined Natalia’s best singles. The Kempin singer was speechless several times. “This is really cool,” says Natalia.

De Kreuners, Natalia, Urbanus, De Mens, Axelle Red, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Raymond van het Groenewoud and Gorki. Each of them are music icons, who were honored on VTM’s ‘The Best Of’. A kind of “love of music”, but in it Flanders choose the songs that are played. It was Natalya’s turn this evening, and it resulted in a lot of beautiful covers.

Camille surprises Natalia with “fragile but unbreakable.” The singer turns the song “Fragile Not Broken” into a Dutch version. “Wow, that’s really cool,” Natalia said.

I hit the spot right from the first note. Barbara and Johannes blow the ceiling with their own version of “I Just Started Fighting.” They make sure that Natalia is tongue-tied. “What a good duo,” it seemed.

Coco Jr. throws Natalia’s Risin’ into a catchy dance that gets everyone moving. It also brings out his best dance moves.

Ronnie Moussi and his sister Regen pour their pop-rock sauce on Natalya’s song “Hey Tan The Sun.”

Davina Michele puffs Natalia and other performers with her powerful version of “I Want You Back”. She even surprised Natalia with a very personal performance when she came off the stage. “This is very sexy and scary,” said the singer from the Kempen Hotel.

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