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Sven Vanthourenhout en Wout van Aert

National trainer shows understanding of shortened cyclo-cross program Wout van Aert: “Riding everything is no longer possible” | Cyclocross

Jumbo-Visma today announced the Wout van Aert crossover. More than 10 matches are not on his schedule (for now).

Sven Vanthornhout does not fall from the sky. The national coach replies: “I have not heard of Foote in recent weeks, but we already had those conversations in the summer. His program is not surprising to me.”

Vanthornhout also points out that “crossing is no longer the main occupation of top riders like Wout van Aart, Matthew van der Poel and Tom Pidcock.” “Cylocross racing is no longer a goal for them.”

“You have to accept that van der Poel and van Aert make choices,” he says.

“As much as we want to see them in the field, we are also looking forward to seeing them racing in the Tour, in the Tour and in the World Road Cycling Championships. Riding everything is not possible. That is a thing of the past.”

Van Aart made the decision “with pain in the heart” to perform better in the classics.

Vanthornhout: “This decision will definitely help us reach a very high level again. Foote will definitely be at his best, but only one can win the race.”

Wout van Aart excelled last season, achieving 9 victories out of 14 races. When he didn’t win, he came in second place.

“Wout immediately took down the entire field,” opined Sven Vanthornhout. “That was impressive, as was the way he later won duels with Mathieu van der Poel and Tom Pidcock.”

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“Now I see things going differently. Van der Poel will want to make his rainbow jersey shine. I don’t expect Foote to be at the level of last season. I would be surprised if he gets off to a good start again.”

The date is December 9 in Essen. Or even better: on December 22 at the Mall for the first match with the world champion.