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NATO deploys Patriot air defenses in Slovakia

NATO deploys Patriot air defenses in Slovakia

NATO has begun deploying Patriot anti-aircraft defense systems in Slovakia to help the military alliance better defend its eastern flank. Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad announced that the first batteries had arrived.

At the request of NATO, Germany and the Netherlands are installing air defense systems in the vicinity of the air base in Slyak, central Slovakia. The Dutch defense ministry said the Patriots help strengthen NATO’s “collective deterrence and defense function” and should reassure Slovakia and other Eastern European allies. The deterioration of the security situation in Europe as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine makes this contribution essential.

Patriots are primarily weapons intended for defensive deployment. Deployment contributes to reliable deterrence by NATO, and thus aims to influence Russian strategic considerations in a way that does not violate the NATO treaty area.

According to Nad, the positioning in and around Slyak is temporary and the anti-aircraft guns will be moved to defend the largest possible area. Slovakia shares a border of nearly 100 km with Ukraine in the east. The country already had old S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, dating back to Soviet times.

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