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NATO rejects Russia's veto on Ukraine's accession |  Abroad

NATO rejects Russia’s veto on Ukraine’s accession | Abroad

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg does not want to hear about any Russian interference in the relations between the Western military alliance and Ukraine. For example, he refuses to rule out the possibility of Kiev joining, which is claimed by Moscow.

“The relationship of NATO with Ukraine can only be determined by the 30 members of the alliance and Ukraine itself, and no one else,” Stoltenberg said after meeting with new German Chancellor Olaf Schulz in Brussels.

“We cannot allow Moscow to introduce a system in which great powers like Russia have a sphere of influence in which they control what they do and do not do. We do not compromise the right of every country in Europe to choose its own destiny.” added. to me.

On Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry demanded that NATO “formally” withdraw the 2008 decision. This decision opened the door to the accession of Ukraine and Georgia, which Moscow categorically rejects. President Vladimir Putin had also requested “legal guarantees” in a video call with US President Joe Biden on Tuesday that Ukraine would never become a member of NATO.

For his part, Schultz said he was “deeply concerned” about the massive presence of Russian forces on the border with Ukraine. The new German chancellor also spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron earlier today about the situation in Ukraine.

He also had a first call with US President Joe Biden. That conversation also included “destabilizing Russian military reinforcements on the Ukrainian border,” Biden tweeted afterwards.

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