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Nelson Bolongo (STVV): “Ensure our good start in Stayen against Zulte-Waregem” | Nearby game

In the attack, Abubakar Koida and Ilombe Emboyo are the regular base players. T1 Bernd Hollerbach is a fan of the talented Nelson Bolongo (22). The young striker from Tonganer can look back on two successful trials against AA Gent and Sporting Charleroi. He had a good chance at Mumberg after the break, but goalkeeper Kofi made a good save. Still, the Canaries were satisfied on Saturday evening (6:30 pm). Nelson Bolongo is ready to warmly welcome Frankie Duri’s team.

“Most analysts thought we were going to start without points in the first two games,” Balongo said in his third season with the A-team. “We were able to surprise the friend and the enemy. With 4 out of 6 we can definitely talk about a successful start. We have a small center, but there is quality. With discipline and strong organization you can hurt many teams. As a player, Holberbach has his hand clearly. Had to rely on commitment and motivation.He demands training, but is a great coach for me personally.

“It’s not just because I get more confidence from him and the minutes I play,” Bolonso, who played for Bovista for a year, continues. “Especially the way he treats the team. Strict, but fair and you can always contact him with questions.


“I always give my all for the team. I’m a hard worker by nature,” Bolongo continued. Sure and I’m following the coach’s guidelines. Surely I do not dare go to SDVV or I’m sixteen anymore? I used my chance at Charlero, maybe I should do more. Can go fast.

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“Already against Zulte-Waregem. We are in good flow, we want to ensure it. At home, STVV should always go to three points. Zulte-Waregem is a strong opponent against OH Leuven and Standard Li├Ęge. .


“We will be very strong too. 19-year-old German midfielder Rocco Reids is indebted to the end of the season for Borussia Dortmund.