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De eerste Hackerspace van Drenthe is vanmiddag geopend

“Nerds” opened the first pirate space in Drenthe

“The desire to create such a club with its own space in Drenthe has been around for a while,” says Adri Wischmann of Hackerspace Drenthe. “We travel across the country from Drenthe to visit other pirate places. Everyone knows each other too, it’s a very social club. We started looking for space in Emmen, because a lot of us come from there. It didn’t work out and then the factory appeared.”


“It turned out that this was a golden collaboration. We have a lot of knowledge and we have a lot of beautiful equipment. That way we were able to establish a collaboration between Fablab, De Nieuwe Veste and Hackerspace,” explains Wechmann.

Hackerspace consists of a lounge with sofas and a bar, but also workplaces for computer users. Fablab is used as a workshop, where 3D printers, laser cutters, robotic arms and all other technical equipment are located.

The term “hackers” sometimes has a negative connotation, as hackers break into important digital systems. This is not the intention of Hackerspace members. “In our view, intruders are people who color out the lines, who can turn two chairs into a bike or turn a mowing machine into a broom. Intruders are people who take everything apart, but put it back together again.”

Anyone curious about Hackerspace can visit it on Saturdays and Wednesday evenings.

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