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Net loss of €2.3 billion for Roundup Bayer product |  abroad

Net loss of €2.3 billion for Roundup Bayer product | abroad

German chemical company Bayer incurred a net loss of at least 2.3 billion euros in the second quarter. The company said in a statement that the company is under great pressure due to various legal actions in the United States regarding glyphosate.

At the end of July, the chemical company set aside another $4.5 billion (about 3.8 billion euros) to cover the potential long-term risks of those lawsuits. In 2018, Bayer acquired the American company Monsanto and since then Bayer’s legal troubles have not gone away.

Bayer wants to set up a program to resolve other lawsuits if the US Supreme Court decides in favor of a complainant or does not respond to a request for review. The group is confident that the Supreme Court will pass a ruling in favor of the company.

A news report contains glyphosate, which is considered a “probably carcinogenic” according to the World Health Organization. Bayer rejects this characterization.

Bayer holds another 4.5 billion for Roundup . claims

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