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Netflix series 'Emily in Paris' again under fire for stereotyping |  Television

Netflix series ‘Emily in Paris’ again under fire for stereotyping | Television

Television“Emily in Paris” is famous and infamous. The second season of the popular Netflix series was close to many viewers Christmas Wish List, but critics resented watching the show about a young American woman moving to Paris. Like last season, the series was criticized for stereotyping Europeans.

The French are nothing but fans of Emily and her antics. Although the series is supposed to take a romantic look at DC, the result comes across as somewhat insulting. “This is something that the Americans who can’t even pinpoint France on the map have hung up on,” she said on Twitter. “This series has literally portrayed every cliché about our country as if it were the hard truth.”

But a lot of the clichés weren’t the worst in the end. It is the distorted features of the “locals” in the show that really annoy the French. “We can live with the fact that we’re filmed everywhere with a baguette under our arm. But Emily In Paris makes it sound like all the mean, lazy Parisians are fed Birkin’ bags who are always hours late to work and light a cigarette as soon as they leave the gym…that’s another thing. Oh yeah, and the rest of their time they spend cheating on their wives. We obviously think that’s the most natural thing in the world.”

Although the makers of the series promised more variety and depth in Season 2, at first glance it doesn’t seem like much has changed. This time criticism also rained. Not only are all the above comments about the return of Parisians, but other Europeans are also offended. This has to do with the Ukrainian character, Petra.

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Ukrainian Petra in the movie “Emily in Paris”. © Netflix

Petra is Emily’s classmate of the French language. When she goes shopping with Emily after hours, she forces the latter to steal some clothes. Petra walks out of the store without paying, as if she always does. Ukraine’s Minister of Culture, Oleksandr Tkachenko, is not happy about this. “In the 1990s and 2000s, Ukrainian men were mainly portrayed as gangsters, but that has changed. But in Emily in Paris we still see an unacceptable caricature of a Ukrainian woman. Will Ukrainians now be seen abroad with this How? Like people who steal and want everything for free?”

The creators of the series have not yet commented on the renewed controversy.

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