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Netflix's "Fast Laughs" short videos are available on Apple TV

Netflix’s “Fast Laughs” short videos are available on Apple TV

Netflix is ​​joining the fight for attention on Apple TV. “Fast Laughs,” short TikTok-style videos, will be integrated into the Netflix app on Apple TV. In this article we tell you all about this job.

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What is Fast Laughs on Netflix?

Instagram has ‘rollers‘, YouTube recently introduced ‘Shorts’ and tik tok He is tik tok† Netflix is ​​now joining in this shift to short videos. “Laughter Quick” are half-minute videos for previewing series or movies. This feature has been available on US iPhones for some time, but is now also available on the Apple TV app in the same country.

With “Quick Laughter”, which mainly shows (stand-up) comedies and Netflix specials, Netflix It sparks your interest in watching a particular show. You can scroll down in the iOS app, just like with TikTok, for a new viewing tip. In the CamelRelease, Netflix’s “Fast Laughs” scroll horizontally via the arrows on the file Siri remotely.

Discover Netflix’s rich library with Fast Laughs

Until recently, it was only possible on Netflix to tell if a series or movie was something to you based on its cover image and preview. However, these photos don’t really capture the cinematography, style, and humor of the show. Netflix hopes to fix that with this new feature.

“Quick laughter” should not be confused with ‘play somethingbutton on your Apple TV. With the latter, Netflix selects a random video based on your taste. These short videos from Netflix are not customized and offer you a broader view of the streaming giant’s rich catalog.

Through the iPhone app, it is actually possible to add cute videos to the watch list of these short videos automatically. If this feature comes out in the Netherlands, you’ll probably never have to argue with your partner or best friend about which show you want to watch again.

When does Fast Laughs come to the Netherlands?

The feature has been rolled out to beta testers of the Netflix app in English. Does it make sense to switch Netflix to English? Unfortunately no. We have to wait a little longer before Fast Laughs is available in the Netherlands. A year later, the short videos are still not available on Dutch iPhones. We will likely have to wait a while.

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