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New gym, school sponsorship and playground for SBS De Brug in Roeselare

New gym, school sponsorship and playground for SBS De Brug in Roeselare

Municipal Elementary School De Brug is undergoing a major transformation with a new gymnasium, after-school childcare and a stylized school environment. Work is scheduled to start in the spring of 2022 and will take more than a year. All new infrastructure must be ready for use from September 1, 2023.

On the edge of Roeselare Center, De Brug Municipal Primary School offers education to over 550 pupils. In recent years, the on-site infrastructure between Brugsesteenweg and Steenstraat has become increasingly higher due to the lack of space. Also in the area of ​​sustainability and modernization, a number of interventions are necessary in order for us to be able to meet today’s expectations.

This plan provides an answer to major obstacles and consists of three building pillars: a multi-purpose sports hall, after-school care for children, and building the school environment. The outdoor project for a green playground is designed in a participatory way with the school and the neighborhood.

A new multi-purpose gym

A healthy mind in a healthy body: definitely also in SBS De Brug. The current sports website is outdated and clearly in need of updating. A new gymnasium, with a sports floor of 20 x 32 meters, offers the solution for young athletes. Building plans provide for the semi-submerged part, so that the new building fits perfectly with the environment. By arranging change rooms and underground storage areas as well, additional space outside will be made available.

The space available to us is being used optimally. Just as we also expect at other school sites, this new gymnasium can also be used outside school hours. This way, the accommodation will not be unnecessarily empty, but will be included in the city’s reservation system. In this way we are expanding the range of sports accommodations for our residents, ”says Alderman Natalie Moel.

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Today, additional classrooms are being rented out to provide a comfortable place for all children. This is a temporary way to overcome the current class shortage. Building two additional classrooms in Kindergarten offers a final solution. A new pre- and post-school childcare facility will be provided opposite the existing nursery building. Along with separate sleeping, sanitation and storage, extra space is provided for #VANRSL young children.

Building a green stadium and its surroundings

“As you often see on old school sites, the playground and surrounding area at SBS De Brug are also fully paved. There is hardly any greenery. So softening is the key word in plans to redesign the outdoor space. The green outdoor area of ​​more than 2,400 will form.” Square meters are an added value to the school and neighborhood in terms of play and meeting. “

“A place for fun, chatting, rest and adventure … it’s all going to be there. Plans include a sports court with an amphitheater, an outdoor classroom and an adventure area. Approximately 500 square meters of green space with green hedges, trees, shrubs and flowers provide essential biodiversity.”

Concern about sustainability and mobility

Rain wells are provided in order to be able to reuse as much rainwater as possible. Water storage has also been considered. Tanks flow into wadis at the site. In this way, the water is collected for reuse and we prevent disturbance during heavy rains. New parking spaces will be built in grass valleys, so that rainwater can also seep into the ground there. Thus, the groundwater table is supplemented.

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There are two entrances to the school site on the Steenstraat side. Access to a new green car park will be separated from the gate for pedestrians and cyclists. There will also be a covered parking area for the parents and various bike outlets for them. For example, cars traveling on and off the road are separated from younger pedestrians and cyclists.

Using the entrances at Steenstraat, SBS De Brug chooses to spread the traffic pressure and lighten the traffic on the Brugsesteenweg. This ensures a safer and quieter traffic condition. Steenstraat is being used as a school street and thanks to the collaboration with AZ Delta, more parking spaces have also been made available for parents before and after school hours.

Practical information

The city saves around 3 million euros to do business. The construction and mitigation project is supported by the Flemish government: 615,000 euros to build the gymnasium and 250,000 euros to lubricate the stadium.