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New low: Westerlo exit early from the cup after a clear defeat to SK Beveren |  Kroki Cup 2023/2024

New low: Westerlo exit early from the cup after a clear defeat to SK Beveren | Kroki Cup 2023/2024

As a First Class Red Lantern, moving to Peveren was no gift. However, Westerlo had to do his best if he wanted to keep the alarm bells going.

But shortly after Prince Laurent set off, coach Jonas de Roock let out a deep sigh.

The cross reached Sander Koopman. He didn’t hesitate for a millisecond and gave SK Beveren the lead with a brilliant shot. The roof of the goal wasn’t coming off, and the mood at Freethiel was also great.

Westerlo worked his way into the game with great difficulty. When they had the best chance to score an equaliser, the people of Kempen were treated to a cold shower. Hrncar found the bottom corner just before half-time, making it an agonizing 2-0.

Westerlo’s ordeal did not stop there. Substitute Quialipo converted an 11-metre shot into a whistle. Madsen also scored a penalty, but that was little more than a cover-up.

The cup turns out to be a poisoned gift for Westerlo. Pressure is mounting on Jonas de Roock in the lead-up to the league match against the OHL.

Lucas van Eno (Westerlo): “I can’t say much about that. Beveren was sharper than us in the first half. Their first chance was a goal, and then you know it’s going to be a very difficult game. We had to do better. But it characterizes our season, very disappointing.”

“Of course something like this is in your head. You filmed everything during the warm-up, but in the match it didn’t work. The fans don’t deserve this. But I can assure you that we are also worried about it.” He. She.”

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“A great cup tournament can add color to your season, but in our situation the competition is much more important. Going to Leuven and STVV at home is of vital importance for us. We wanted to show that Westerlo is still alive. Everyone knows we are in bad shape, But we must continue to believe that there is a way out.”

Sander Koopman (SK Beveren): “It was a great game for us. The game couldn’t have started any better. You can feel everything that it’s going to be a great evening. I signed up for this scenario beforehand.”

“We knew Westerlo didn’t want to come to us. It was the perfect moment to play against them. I hope things go their way, because they are a good team.”