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‘Nieuwe Microsoft Surface-devices worden eind september onthuld’

New Microsoft Surface devices to be unveiled at the end of September

Microsoft announced an event on September 22nd, to showcase potential new Surface devices such as the Surface Duo 2 and Go 3. A new update for Windows 11 will also be released during the event.

Rumor has it Microsoft event on September 22 It takes a closer look at the many new niche laptop and smartphone models within the tech giant’s Surface line. Experts are especially looking forward to introducing the Microsoft Surface Duo 2, a new version of it Made last year Surface Duo foldable smartphone. The latter device has two 5.6-inch screens that can work independently. It is not known how many copies the tech giant has sold.

New Edition Surface Duo

Last July, the first images of the new Surface Duo 2 device appeared. This device is similar to its predecessor, but has a lot of new functions under the hood, according to specialists. Three visible cameras on the back panel. Specialists conclude from this that this version has more sensors. In addition, the Surface Duo 2 has a more modern design, has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, and the foldable smartphone offers support for 5G and has an NFC chip.

Other devices

In addition to the Surface Duo 2, Microsoft is also planning to introduce the Surface Go 3. The Surface Go is a cross between a tablet and a laptop. Experts do not yet know what specifications this latest version will have, but they expect, among other things, a processor upgrade, most likely an Intel Pentium 6500Y processor or an Intel i3 processor. In the former case, the device will have 4 GB of RAM, in the latter 8 GB of RAM. Nothing else is known about the other jobs

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Microsoft also wants to release an update for the Surface Pro 8 during the event to be held. The expected functions of this device also include processor upgrade, at least 8GB of RAM and possibly 5G connectivity.

Windows 11

It remains to be seen if all these devices can run Windows 11. It is also expected to announce that these devices can run the new version of Windows, although the technical specifications of the Surface Go 3 may be a bit low.

Anyway, September 22nd is a day to roll into the calendar for more Microsoft news.