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New PowNed Series 'X Days Outside': Can Generation Z survive in the wilderness?

New PowNed Series ‘X Days Outside’: Can Generation Z survive in the wilderness?

What if you threw Generation Z into the deep end of an extreme experience…wilderness survival. How far is this generation that grew up with the Internet and mobile phones from nature?

Can they manage themselves without being digitally connected? Nine very different young people take on the challenge in the adventurous reality show “X Days Outside.” From Wednesday 22 November at 8:20pm on NPO 3.

The group enters the experiment without preparation. There is no time to think, but only 10 minutes to get what they think they need to survive. To begin with, candidates are immediately immersed in the wilderness: literally! Because their adventure begins in ice water. After being drowned, they have to fend for themselves for the first 24 hours and go searching for the training camp of survival experts Govert and Tom. They will teach young people the skills they desperately need.

During their journey through pristine nature, the group faces extreme mental and physical challenges. Before the cold night comes, they must build a place to sleep together and provide their food. What if the temperature and fatigue become too much for them? Will they pull each other back or will things take off? There is a way out for young people who find adventure too intense. As for the rest, the goal is to return to civilization.

“X Days Outside” is produced by Tuvalu Media and can be watched on NPO 3 from Wednesday, November 22 at 8:20pm.

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