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New relaxations will begin on June 5, with more space for shops

It will be fun again in the city centers and villages, now that the next relaxation begins on Saturday 5 June. Restaurants and cafes can then take people inside and stay open longer. Stores will also have more space. What changed again? an update.

Next weekend, Saturday 5th June, New relief for shops at. Retailers may then receive more customers: 1 person per 10 square metres, instead of one person per 25 square metres. They can also keep their normal business hours back. So far, stores, except for supermarkets, have been forced to close at 8pm. Mouth coverings remain mandatory indoors and customers and staff continue to stay one and a half meters away from each other. The message to consumers remains the same: it is better to shop alone and shop in times of calm.

More excitement

With this relaxation, fashion and shoe stores will return to the situation they were in mid-December, before closing. In addition, more activity is now expected in city centers and villages as the restaurant and culture sector opens more, which is also beneficial for shops. Restaurants and cafes are allowed to take people inside again and stay open longer until 10pm. Museums, cinemas, pop galleries and theaters will also reopen under certain conditions.

Photo: Pixabay/CC0

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