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New Restaurant Briquet at Vinçotteplein: “You can be as relaxed or crazy as you want to be here” (Porkerhout)

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Briquette is the name of a brand new restaurant in Winsotplin owned by catering comrades Louis Davos (30) and Jonas van Sant (29). Both say they have no opinion. “We want to do what we want: let people go home feeling good.”

Alien von Winsberg

Both are not ready for their test. Louis Davos has a catering heart Pure sang“I went to hotel school and then worked as Sergio Herman’s Pure Chika. Before that I lived in Zeeland for three years. Then I was there when he started The Jane. Jonas studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and then traveled extensively. He worked at the Camino for four years.

Together they decided it was time to start their own business. “We’ve both turned thirty this year, and it’s a good time to take that step.” So they started looking for a property. “What we definitely want: a big, sunny terrace.” They found what they were looking for in Vinçotteplein, which was before the September restaurant.

“We only had the door rug”, Louise smiles. “We renovated the whole building and set everything up to our liking.” They have no definite concept for the briquette. “We want people to go home feeling good. With that purpose in mind, namely: tasty and adequate food, sweet food and a comprehensive wine list to choose from.

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Change constantly

As for the menu, they trust chef Kuba, who will also be in his thirties this year. Louis and Jonas are in charge of their service and drinks. “It simply came to our notice then. He is of Polish descent and has a rich culinary background. He gained experience in his home country, London, and here in Belgium. We give him a carte blanche, but we taste a third of everything. We go to a limited menu and work with the products of two local farmers, in addition to the products available from the wholesaler. All of our dishes are prepared fresh every day. That is, we are constantly changing. “

On this week’s menu, among other things: steak tartare with miso, sevic of sea bass, risotto with broat beans and romanesco or beef ribs.

“Our meals range from 15 euros to 24 euros. You pay 35 to 100 euros for a bottle of wine. So you can be as frugal or crazy as you want here,” says Jonas. “With Brigade, we are mainly targeting locals and people who want to cycle from the city because finding parking is not an issue here.

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Brigade: Vinçottestraat 36. Open for lunch and dinner. Opening hours and bookings:

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