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New season, new rules, new home: this is where the residents of "Big Brother" will spend their time |  showbiz

New season, new rules, new home: this is where the residents of “Big Brother” will spend their time | showbiz

“Big Brother” is ready for a new season full of new, unexpected and exciting twists. Forget everything you think you know about the show, it’s time to get some fresh air. Not only is this expressed by an increased viewer engagement, the interior has also been modernized. “The new season deserves a fresh start: So the new house is tidy. Can you check that there are twenty kilometers of cable here? Everything to make sure the viewer does not miss a moment,” explains presenter Geraldine Kemper. “The ‘Big Brother’ house will look completely different from now on. Everything feels luxurious,” adds presenter Peter van de Veer. “But will this be the feeling that the new residents will have? This is still questionable.”

In addition to the interior design, there are also a few other novelties to see. This is a brand new small mallAnd the bathroom now has a bathtub and shower. also on games room Messed up: It doubled in size compared to last year. “Let that set the tone for the new season,” says Van de Veire. “It would be doubly unexpected for residents and viewers.”

“Big Brother” kicks off Monday, January 3 at 8.35pm on Play4, GoPlay, and Play247. After that, “Big Brother” can be continued every working day at 19:35. The live show can be watched every Saturday at 8pm on Play4, GoPlay and Play247. You can also catch up on the live broadcast from January 3rd.