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New to Sablon: 8 homemade pasta sauces that you can take out or eat on site

A few weeks ago I was able to visit Sablon.”Pasta Nostra” Finds. In the store you can get…pasta. There are 8 different sauces available at any given time, 7 of which are fixed on the menu and one option is the ever-changing sauce of the month.

Owner Demi has years of experience in catering and has always wanted to start his own business.

All sauces are made fresh in the renovated kitchen by Demi’s stepfather, Jean-Pierre. So it’s a real family affair.

Cooking Pasta Nostra
You can buy cup noodles in different sizes (depending on your appetite). It is also an option for on-site dining (the dish is then served on a platter). Inside there is space for about 20 people.

Pasta Nostra

For students there is always a 10% discount and savings formula when purchasing mugs.

Since all sauces are made on site, Pasta Nostra also offers sauce sizes (0.5 and 1 litre). You can purchase a vacuum pack that you can then heat and even freeze.

Pasta Nostra

You can visit the store from 11 am to 7 pm, on Friday and Saturday until midnight (closed on Sundays). (Zafel 23, 9620 Zottegem)

Also new business in the area? Tell us at [email protected]

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