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New World seems to have given up half of its player base since its launch •

New World seems to have given up half of its player base since its launch •

Amazon’s new MMO, New World, has reportedly lost more than half of its player base just a month after its PC launch.

Despite hitting a simultaneous staggering 1 million player peak on October 3, Forbes I spotted those songs SteamCharts It’s down slightly, with a simultaneous drop of about 135,000 players per week since launch.

Last week, the MMO had 508,000 concurrent players – about half of what it had at the start of the month.

Of course, low player numbers aren’t always a surprise – or worry – in the first few weeks after launch, but New World is an MMO that, in theory, should have a more stable player base than single-player combo games. You might play for a week or two before you finish and move on to something else.

It’s fair to say that the rollback most likely stems not from a specific problem as much as from a catalog of problems, such as when “incorrect” Amazon information incorrectly informed players that transfers would be possible after the studio itself. They were asked to join servers with low latency as they increased the number of existing servers.

The New World launch also came with new reports: The new world still buys expensive graphics cardsin, in This is found in the demo version of the game. In July, in response to concerns, Amazon has released a fix for the maximum frame rate on the MMO menu screen.