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New York Governor Cuomo continues to refuse to leave | Abroad

“I did not resign,” the 63-year-old Democrat said Friday. “Serious claims should be seriously investigated. There are facts and opinions. I have always divided them.”

On Monday, the 63-year-old Democrat denied all allegations and said he would leave “under any circumstances”. In the days that followed, pressure mounted on him, including key party members of the national parliament.

On Thursday, the New York State Parliament decided to investigate whether he could be indicted. The judge had earlier begun hearing on him. Cuomo wants the investigation to be completed as soon as possible, and says he will cooperate. “You need to know the facts before making a decision,” he said Friday. Again he refused to persecute or abuse anyone.

Last weekend, two new reports of sexual harassment from former Cuomo employees surfaced. He would have asked someone at work if she had kissed her hand with a partner. In a reception area he grabbed the woman and kissed her on the cheek. Earlier, other women made the allegations.

Cuomo is in his third post, having previously received praise for his approach to the Corona crisis. The New York Attorney General had already questioned him.

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