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New Zealand agent responds to toddler emergency call: ‘Your toys are really cool’ | Instagram

VideoWhen a four-year-old boy from Wellington, New Zealand called the police to look at his toys, the police decided not to ignore the call and actually sent a police officer. The agent confirmed: His toys are really cool.

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Latest update:

New Zealand police have shared on Facebook an audio file of a phone call, along with a photo of the boy with the officer who rated the toy. “We did not encourage children to call 111 (New Zealand emergency number, ed.) To show them toys, but it was so cute without sharing.”

During the conversation, the boy asks if he can say something to the ‘police girl’. He says: ,, I have toys for you. Come and see them. “The officer decided to drive there because Kurt was nearby.

“His toys are really cool,” police officer Kurt confirmed to headquarters after his arrival. “The lucky guy was able to get a closer look at the police car. I also turned on the emergency lights for him.” He had a ‘good, educational conversation’ with the boy and his parents as to when and when to call the emergency number.

The photo was taken at the home of a four-year-old boy who called police to show off his toys. © AB

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