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New Zealand expects a 12% larger fruit harvest

New Zealand expects a 12% larger fruit harvest

The annual apple and pear crop estimate for New Zealand apples and pears is forecast to be 12% higher than the total crop in 2022.

Estimated export volume is 21.2 million cartons or 382,000 tons. Apples and pears are expected to have better size, color, taste and flavor and higher dry matter. This contributes to better storage of the fruit.

New Zealand Apples and Pears CEO Karen Morrish said after an incredible few years of economic losses from Covid-19 and Hurricane Gabriel, the favorable forecast was down to near-perfect growing conditions and hard work. “The weather has been excellent in all growing areas, with the hot and dry conditions required for superior fruit. From Gisborne to Central Otago, spring and summer conditions have provided the trees with regular crops of high quality fruit with exceptional nutritional quality.

“Despite the good conditions, the expected success of the season has been reduced by the hard work of farmers every season, but for those affected by Hurricane Gabriel, last year was difficult and still a challenge. Many farmers had to dig their orchards out of the silt, so compared to a year ago, the apple trees are our dedicated It’s amazing and surprising to see the place as it is today, just like the farmers.

“New Zealand apples and pears are a world leader in orchard innovation and our fruit is healthy and sustainable, benefiting people and the planet the planet can really be proud of,” Morrish concludes.

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