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Niantic raises $300 million for growth

Niantic raises $300 million for growth

Mobile augmented reality gaming platform Niantic Labs has secured $300 million in new growth capital.

The investor in this round is Cotoi, who values ​​the company at $9 billion.

Niantics Laboratories Best known for the mobile game Pokemon Go, which is based on previous work on Ingress Prime.

he met new money CEO John Hanke (pictured) wants to improve existing games and build new ones. In addition, this burdens software companies even more, they want to further equip their developer platform. This also allows third parties to create games using Hanke’s technology.

Niantic Games combine the physical and digital worlds in a game environment. Players actually have to go out into the world to visit objects and perform game actions there, alone or with others. Every month, tens of millions of gamers stare at their screens seemingly aimlessly, while they may be in-game in raging battles.

Niantic was founded in 2010 at Google and launched as an independent company in 2015. Since then it has achieved that 770 million dollars from investors. The company relies on the same people who founded Keyhole years ago, a project that was renamed Google Earth after the acquisition.

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