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Olijf Nienke Van Trommel 2

Nienke van Trommel receives Betty Bos-Olijfprijs 2023

“I got an award, but we’re all doing this together,” Ninke noted, feeling a little overwhelmed. She said that as a young doctor she learned that doctor and patient must work together. “When I sit in the consulting room and start thinking for myself, I only use half the brain power that is in that consulting room. We have to do it together. I learned that from one of my coaches, and I always take it seriously. I can think on my feet, but I don’t know What the other person needs. How can I help and reason with people with cancer in my consulting room (as far as I know, I don’t have cancer)? There is a big gap in my knowledge, because I cannot feel what it is like to have cancer. We have to do it together and we have to To talk to each other. We must look together at what women need and how we can achieve that as best as possible.

“I am very convinced that every person has the same right to care,” Nienke concluded with a wishful thinking. “Here in the Netherlands we live with a very diverse population, but what always catches my attention is that some patients receive additional psychosocial care and that a large number of people with People with a linguistic deficiency or from a migrant background do not receive this important care. I hope that the Olijf project will open up to women with different cultural backgrounds, or who have a language deficit, or where taboos, for example, prevent people from asking for help. They are also suffering and in need To care. So let’s make the olive more olive. Let’s see together how we can make sure that everyone finds their way to support and connect with fellow sufferers from this important patient association. I hope so in the future.

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