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Nine projects in Brussels will receive €14 million for energy renewal and green spaces

Nine projects in Brussels will receive €14 million for energy renewal and green spaces

The Brussels government on Thursday approved three projects for more green spaces in an urban environment within the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2021-2027 program worth 6.3 million euros, and six projects aimed at energy renewal in collective facilities worth more than 7.9 million euros. .

This was stated by Prime Minister Rudi Vervoort on Thursday. The projects must be implemented by the end of 2029 at the latest, and be operational by the beginning of 2031.

In January 2023, a call was issued for energy renovation projects for buildings used as collective facilities and owned by public authorities. Of the nine registrations, the Brussels government selected 6 of them with a total value of approximately 8 million euros. Half of this amount went to VUB and ULB, worth €6.36 million, more than a million to VGC and half a million to Erasmus Hospital.

In addition, three of the eight projects from the May Project Call to build high-quality green spaces in disadvantaged neighborhoods were retained. They can count on a total of 6.3 million. Of this amount, 2.8 million will go to the process of recreating the environment of Brussels, about 2.5 million to the construction of the Stevenson Park in Schaerbeek and more than a million to a green network in the modern area of ​​Sint-Agatha-Berchem.

“The nine selected projects promote sustainable energy transformation and green investments in densely populated neighbourhoods,” said Vervoort, responsible for the ERDF and Urban Renewal Fund. “I am particularly happy with the selection of the three green space projects,” he says. “These align closely with the work done in recent years through our Sustainable Neighborhoods Contracts and Schools Contracts with Greening Playgrounds.”

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