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Nine students arrested during a student protest against the arrival of Eli Barnavi to ULB

Nine students arrested during a student protest against the arrival of Eli Barnavi to ULB

On Monday evening, the conference “Israel-Palestine: Where Are We Going?” was held. At LLB University. detained. The pro-Palestinian occupiers have been opposing this event for several weeks. She added that Barnafi’s arrival “normalizes Israeli colonial policy.” However, ULB did not want to budge. The university said: “We chose to organize debates, and bring together a panel of Middle East experts, with the aim of presenting a balanced and fair perspective, to stimulate dialogue instead of tense positions.”

A few hours before the discussion began, the police had tightly sealed off the Flagi area. The crowd of demonstrators that started from the ULB around 5 p.m. was unable to reach the scene, after which many demonstrators headed to the Vleurgatsesteenweg. according to ProminenceThe reporter stated that the police had prepared a water cannon there, but it was not used.

Some protesters immediately returned to the ULB campus, while others headed to the Israeli Embassy in Oakley. Police also set up a security perimeter there, so the second group eventually went to the ULB campus to join other protesters.

Ultimately, nine people were arrested.

The university confirmed that it had made “every effort” to “ensure that the exchange can take place in conditions conducive to calm and constructive discussion.”

Go to the Flagey Building

The ULB announced on Monday afternoon that the scheduled discussion on Israel and Palestine will be held at the Flagy Building in Ixellis. Pro-Palestinian activists had previously announced the organization of a demonstration around Building B on the Solbusch University campus, which has been occupied for weeks, against the debate and the arrival of historian and former Israeli ambassador Eli Barnavi.

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