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Nintendo Releases Mysterious Online Horror Teaser

Nintendo Releases Mysterious Online Horror Teaser

Nintendo has released a mysterious horror teaser online. It hasn’t revealed much yet, which is why fans are already starting to speculate.

The teaser video shows grainy footage of a person wearing a raincoat with a bag over his head and a smiley face on it. The Japanese text at the end translates to “Smiling Man” and the video is accompanied by the hashtag #WhoIsEmio. Emio, which is also the name of the video, is the Japanese pronunciation of “Smiling Man.”

No additional information is available, other than the fact that the video has an M rating in the US. The fact that the Nintendo logo is prominently featured suggests that this is an internal Nintendo project. Somewhat unusual, as Nintendo rarely deals with horror.

Theories about the teaser are already flying in all directions. Naturally, there’s speculation about a new horror IP from Nintendo, but here and there it’s also been suggested that this could be the start of a viral marketing campaign for the Nintendo Switch 2, though that chance seems slim. The suggestion that Emio is Mario’s third brother also seems to have little chance.

There is a real chance that investigators will be able to get some clues from the video in the near future. After all, at one point, a close-up of fingers can be seen and a close-up of the face suddenly shows teeth in the mouth, which could be hints at the nature of Project Emio.