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No, Matthew McConaughey did not have a hair transplant |  celebrities

No, Matthew McConaughey did not have a hair transplant | celebrities

celebritiesMatthew McConaughey, 52, explained in an interview with LADBible how his hair grew back after he started balding in the ’90s. In his book ‘Greenlights’ he talks about his hair loss and what solution has finally given him a luscious head of his hair again..

In his memoirs “Greenlights” he told that his hair loss had become so bad that he decided to shave his head. The actor said he started shaving everything because he heard that a fresh start was the best way to regrow his hair. “How did he grow back? That’s a big mystery,” McConaughey said in the interview.

According to the actor, there was no magic solution to make his tresses grow back, but simply “handwork,” as he described it. “I bought a specially formulated scalp balm and rubbed it on my scalp once a day for 10 minutes. I gave it my all, every single day. All I can say is it’s back. The actor says my hair is more hair now than it was in 1999.”

He continued, “You can go back to my movies like The Wedding Planner and you’ll see it clearly: I was losing my hair a lot. I have a picture of her at a party in Jamaica in 2000. I smiled and looked down and then there was a bald spot the size of a baseball on the top of my head.”

A surgeon from Hollywood used to claim that he was going to perform a hair transplant on the actor, but this turned out to be nonsense. Another doctor examined his head and confirmed that there was really no transplant. Even though McConaughey didn’t spend money on hair transplants, he actually did spend a few dollars on the ointment he’s been buying for over 20 years now. “I will not stop and see if it is still necessary to do so. I am not taking any risks.

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