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No more money for 'Thuis', 'FC De Kampioenen' or Niels Destadsbader: this is what Vlaams Belang wants to do with VRT

No more money for ‘Thuis’, ‘FC De Kampioenen’ or Niels Destadsbader: this is what Vlaams Belang wants to do with VRT

He also says public broadcasting should pay more attention to social issues. “All political opinions must be addressed.” According to Janssens, greater emphasis should also be placed on Flemish and Dutch identity and culture in public broadcasting.

What Vlaams Belang believes there is still room for, he says, is infotainment programs like “Perfect World.” “I think that infotainment is definitely still worth it. But entertainment with expensive faces on screens is not what our taxpayers’ money is for. De Afspraak and the news service should also continue to exist,” he says, “but I think you should too.” “To greatly expand the diversity of your opinions.”

In addition, the politician believes that the public broadcaster should remain involved in sports. “This is part of the culture. As far as I am concerned, more attention should also be paid to less popular sports. Let us also discuss darts, snooker and other less popular sports.”

It has been clear for some time that Vlaams Belang wants to save money on public broadcasting. However, Janssens does not offer specific amounts. “You have to save where you can save. To me, this is not a cost-cutting exercise per se.

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