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No new 'dirty tricks' for Campinarts: 'I was very thirsty on Sunday' |  Journey

No new ‘dirty tricks’ for Campinarts: ‘I was very thirsty on Sunday’ | Journey

“I think the tank is empty,” Victor Campinerts sighed to our reporter this afternoon before the start of the eleventh stage of Malocene.

“This was the year of change: from a logical time expert I became a freestyle driver and an attacking driver.”

“In all the races I wanted to attack and in terms of the program we looked for limits. I’m afraid I found them,” said the Giro stage winner.

“I’m having a lot of fun, but right now it’s less when your tank is empty in a race at the highest level.”

Then Mont Ventoux follows today, even twice. “When I was 14, when I was still a swimmer, I climbed this mountain with my dad. Today he’s supporting me at Ventoux on the tour.”

But, despite childhood memories, Victor Campinaarts is seriously thinking about getting out. “Sometimes it’s forced,” he says of a mission.

“I was really close to that at Tignes on Sunday. I don’t have to understand the words: the last time with the time limit wasn’t quite in the book. It was a dirty trick.”

“It happens sometimes in cycling. I don’t think any rider can blame me for that. I don’t affect the rating that way.”

“But I won’t do it again. If I run out of time, it will. The message today is to stay with Cavendish for as long as possible.”

He concluded with a wink: “Whether you got stuck on the handle of the trailer on Sunday? I was pretty thirsty for the last 5km.”

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