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No new photo of George on his eighth birthday?  "William and Kate are still bullied after the European Championships" |"  Property

No new photo of George on his eighth birthday? “William and Kate are still bullied after the European Championships” |” Property

PropertyWe may not see a new photo of Prince George on his eighth birthday, royal biographer Angela Levine speculates. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want to protect their son from toxic reactions from the public. “Kate and William are so shocked by the negative comments after the European Championships, they are unsure if they should send more pictures of their son to the world.”

It all started well: Prince George went with his parents to cheer for the English team at the European Championship. England were in the final against Italy and had a chance to win the title. The little prince was visibly disappointed that his favorite team didn’t win after all. A photo showing his sad appearance has received a lot of comments on Twitter. He was mocked for being sad and wearing a suit. “Yeah, well, cry in your tie!” , appeared, among other things. “He’s wearing a suit, and he’s asking to be bullied.”

“That bullying was hard,” Levine explains. “Sure because this is a 7-year-old. William and Kate didn’t expect people to be so rude to such a young boy. In order to protect their son from this kind of hate speech, they are now considering not posting a picture of him from Christmas His eighth birthday.” To their kids to post new pictures of them, Kate Middleton is a hobby photographer, and she always takes those same pictures.

“It would be a shame if they didn’t, but they make a statement: Don’t touch our son.” The couple received a lot of praise after the European Championships for their obviously warm upbringing style. During the match, they often touch George, hug him and talk to him enthusiastically.

Roya Nikah, another critic who co-stars with Levine on Britain’s The Royal Beat, doubts Cambridge will allow themselves to do so. They can be beaten. I guess they’ll put up a picture anyway, as always.” It’s likely Prince George for a while No longer in public will see.

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