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No surprises in the second semi-final Eurovision Songfestiv …

No surprises in the second semi-final Eurovision Songfestiv …


No surprises in the second semifinals of the Eurovision Song Contest. The three candidates from this group qualified for the final: Switzerland, Bulgaria and Iceland.

Greece, Finland, San Marino and Portugal can return on Saturday, which was expected. The remaining three tickets, which were divided further, go to Albania, Moldova and Serbia.

The Icelanders from Daði og Gagnamagnið were unable to perform live, because one of the six members of the group tested positive for coronavirus. This is why the group is in quarantine at their hotel. Instead, footage from one of the rehearsals was used.

This scoring will also be used on Saturday during the final match. Iceland is preferred in the shade with its magical song 10 years And their green jackets.

Watch Icelandic Entry:

Ten countries have already made it to the first semi-finals, including Belgium. All 26 finalists are now known. Italy are the favorites for rock on Saturday. The southern European country is directly positioned as one of five major donors to the festival.

France, which is also one of the so-called countries, is the second most popular bookmaker Your palm. Our southern neighbors send chanson modeled after Edith Piaf. Malta, with a song about power Body positivity, Ranks third in predictions. They were in the same (first) semi-finals as the hofphonic on Tuesday.

Watch the Italian entry:

Switzerland is fourth in expectations. Their dramatic entry, The whole universe For singer Gjon’s Tears, he has a Belgian feature. It was co-written by the Belgian Nina Sampermanz, who sang with – yes – hoverphonic. Belgium is in the middle of the bookmaker, although striker Alex Callier has expressed his belief in a place in the top five.

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Swiss entry display:

Advance to the finals:

* Albania

* Serbia

* Bulgaria

* Moldova

* Portugal


* San Marino

* Switzerland

* Greece

* Finland


* Poland

* Austria

* Georgia

* Czech Republic

* Denmark

* Finland