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Noorderboog provides a space for young people with dementia. “I wouldn’t have gone to live in a nursing home if I couldn’t continue my work.”

MP Yvonne Turnhout made a working visit to Noorderboog last week to be inspired by the project “Dementia at an early age, continuing to work if living at home is no longer possible”.

Thanks to this project, made possible thanks to support from the County of Drenthe, it is possible that people with dementia at an early age who come to live in a nursing home will be able to continue working.

Daily outside activities stop

For people who develop dementia at a younger age and go to live in a nursing home, daily outside activities stop. Various funding sources assume that someone in a nursing home is no longer able to work, so support for this will stop. However, there are people who still have a strong need to continue to “work” externally or want to stay physically active in some other way. After all, they have not yet reached retirement age.

Noorderboog, Reestlandhoeve, Dementia Network Drenthe and Alzheimer Nederland Department of Drenthe have teamed up to make outdoor day activities possible for these people. In the meantime, all kinds of options are being considered to achieve structural financing so that every person with dementia can continue working if life at home is no longer possible.

Experience stories

The highlight of this working visit was the presentation of a magazine. All the experiences, efforts and measurements of the participants in this project have been collected. Turnhout received the first copy from Johan Steck. Thanks to this project, Johan goes to work twice a week: “I would not have moved to the nursing home if I could not continue my work. It would be a disaster if I had to stop.”

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Turnhout: “I see how excited everyone is and how much love and care is given to each other in this project. A great initiative that can continue for another year because of the extension of support. This gives some time to continue working towards a structural solution. These people deserve it.”