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Not generation: Are these Red Devils real winners? How do you solve it? | Red demons

The pain of a missed gift again. The Red Devils missed the opportunity to use their talent in the Nations League. Kevin de Bruyne found comfort in the idea that we were “just Belgium”. Should we make peace with a generation that did not exist then? Or is that Calimero problem the problem? Seeks answers with experts by experience.

Is this unrealistic or ambitious?

Kevin de Bruyne’s strike statement after the defeat against Italy divided public opinion on the review.

Admittedly, race winner Cristiano Ronaldo will not talk about Portugal (10 million people), nor will the ruthless Michael Jordan speak in the shirt of ordinary Washington mentors of his time.

The always optimistic Dutch laughed at the KDP’s minimal statement. “The words of the City star show exactly why the Belgian gold generation is being renamed from generation to generation,” de Telegraph wrote.

“Until now, they were big enemies and very good at each other. Everything seems to be allowed in Belgium, not necessarily. They have to get rid of the image of their angels.”


Hello, Jean-Marie Tedaker?

The former champion breeder of Belgian judo has often been criticized for lack of ambition in our country in the past.

Even after the Olympics, the theme will inevitably return when the medal harvest is compared to our neighbors.

“We always feel a little Kalimaro,” Tedecker sighed. “Even Kevin de Bruyne, an absolute world champion, wants to make statements like this. That’s where the problem begins. You have to be at the start of the game with an American …”

This is often part of the Belgian mentality. Tedeker had to fight against it in his early years. “When we faced a Japanese we took off our pants – even though they had two arms and legs. When we went to France, we had to kill the opponent. So chauvinism is not with us.”

If we win against a big country, our own fans and the media will say: Come on, the little Belgians have won.

Thomas Priels

Like the red demons, the red lions have long been drawn to the bare label. To the disappointment of national hockey team captain Thomas Priels for many years.

“If we win against a big country, our own fans and the media will say: Come on, the little Belgians won. I was annoyed 1-0 behind.”

Priels saw how even the hockey association struggles with an inferiority complex: “In the early days they argued that someone could kiss our hands to sponsor us.

Brials (right) after losing in the 2016 Olympic final against Argentina. Successes have not followed yet …

Started soon …

But how to reverse that entrenched period?

Winning globally is the exception rather than the rule in our game history.

And among young people. Roberto Martinez pointed out during his press conference after the match against Italy that there were no big wins among the Red Devils. So far, only U17 has won a medal at the 2015 World Cup.

“We have to win the international European Championship or the World Cup with the youth,” the national coach realized. “Qualification for those matches should really be quality.”

You have to learn to cross the fire to reach the highest.

Jean-Marie Tedaker

Priels also know that early success makes a difference when it comes to marbles.

“The older generation of lions was invariably found among the youth from countries like the Netherlands and Germany. But then came a younger generation that was not defeated by those enemies. They gave them the extra confidence they needed to conquer the big countries. Knock.”

“We have to train our athletes to be winners,” Tedecker says. “It mostly depends on the small details, but you have to learn to go through the fire to reach the highest.”

Belgium won U17 bronze at the 2015 World Cup in Chile.


So the learned youth age.

In addition, there are other features that can confirm the important winner’s click.

“It all starts with the coach,” Tedecker says without a blink of an eye. “If he plays for Calimero … a coach has to learn that determination and build a real team. I have an idea that Martinez will often choose the smoother way. For example, he wants to shine with first place figures. FIFA World Cup.” Rankings, but nothing. “

From the moment you once received the gift, many doubts will disappear.

Thomas Priels

Red lions can talk about it. It was only after their world title in 2018 that they really won a place in world sports history. “After losing some finals they called us a non-generation. We couldn’t win a match, so we were mentally very weak …”

According to Prials, once you go “all the way”, everything changes. “From that moment on, many doubts have disappeared. It gives us so much hope to move on to the next match. You are learning to win the finals. The year after the World Cup, we beat Spain 5-0 in the European Championship final.

Finally, Dedecker has one final suggestion: “Patriotism is encouraging. Maybe red devils like New Zealand should learn Haga. It’s a way to intimidate your opponent.”

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