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Not Gorissen, but rooms are better Belgium In Hannut, young Da Silva charms men |  Motocross Cup

Not Gorissen, but rooms are better Belgium In Hannut, young Da Silva charms men | Motocross Cup

At the CrossCup competition in Hannut, Olympic champion Peruth Chemutai left everything and everyone behind. Lisa Chambers (7th) narrowly beat Mickey Jurissen (8th) as the best Belgian. In the men’s race, Germany’s Samuel Fitoy was the fastest, and shocked Lucas da Silva (5th) became the first Belgian.

Olympic Champion Shimotai reigns, Rohms beats Jurissen

For the first time in more than 40 years, an Olympic champion (3,000 meters steeplechase) began the CrossCup Tour with Peruth Chemutai.

The Ugandan immediately set the tone and quickly pulled the large jumpsuit onto the strap. She got Chebet and Chesang on her heels, but halfway through, the Olympic champion was left alone.

Despite the strong wind, Chemutai continued to develop a solid pace, which left her with 10 seconds on Chebet at the end.

With the Belgians, Lisa Rooms and Mieke Gorissen showed good results. The two sprinters stayed together until the last lap, after which it was Rums with the strongest final shot.

Rooms are also still at the top of the rankings.

Chambers: ‘I would have liked this scenario in advance’

Today Lisa Rooms was surprised to stay ahead of marathon runner Mieke Gorissen as the first Belgian. After that, our compatriot admitted that she also made the goal.

“Last week in Dest I only finished ten seconds behind Mickey. I knew it was important to get through a tough moment in the middle of the race.

“I’m still hard to win on the last lap, I know, especially because of the marathon which has a lower speed. The scenario as played here is exactly what I was hoping for. Really cool.”

Gorissen: “It’s harder than I feared”

Veto makes everyone crack, young Da Silva is the first surprise Belgian

In the men’s race, Germany’s Samuel Fitoy shone at the end of the match.

While Rogers Kibbett took care of most of the executioner’s work, in the end no one could handle Fitoy’s sharp acceleration.

With Isaac Kimele and Michael Sommers absent, talents were considered to be coming into the battle between the Belgians.

In the end it was 22-year-old Lucas da Silva who capitalized on his quick start and Clement Defleander stayed ahead as the best Belgian.

da Silva: “He never took that into account”

Lucas da Silva surprised his friend and enemy in Hanot with the first Belgian title. The 22-year-old sprinter looked back with relief at his performance.

“I’m very relieved. Never considered becoming the first Belgian. This is the perfect day for me. What does this mean for me? Bff, I have no words for it.”

“There weren’t six or seven Belgian players, so I was thinking about the podium,” said the young Belgian. “My start was very good and to my surprise I was immediately the first Belgian, after four strong foreigners. I felt quite comfortable there, so I tried to follow that.”

“From the third lap it became more difficult and Arno Delle came back to me. We walked together for a long time, but it became more difficult.”

“I eventually got some energy back, especially because the chasers came back and I totally wanted to be a second Belgian, but in the end I became a first Belgian.”

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