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Oculus releases Mixed Reality API on Quest 2 headphones – Games – News

Oculus has announced a new API that allows developers to use mixed reality images in Oculus Quest 2 games and apps. To do this, video images from Oculus Quest 2 sensors are “mixed” with virtual VR images.

A beta version of the Passthrough API will be introduced in version 31 of the Oculus SDk, according to Facebook sub-reports at Blog post. Using the API, VR developers can, among other things, process black and white images from four Oculus Quest 2 cameras in their apps and games. These images can then be modified, for example using color overlays.

Oculus lists several usage scenarios for this feature. For example, productivity apps can display the physical keyboard to Quest 2 users in a virtual environment. For example, games can use the feature to place zombies in users’ living rooms, the company wrote.

You already own the Oculus Quest and Rift S headphones تمتلك Kind of scroll function, which allows users to see what is happening in the real world while playing the game. Facebook allows you to however Find out about UploadVR The new Passthrough API will only be available for Oculus Quest 2 for the time being. The company also states that the video images will be processed by the Quest 2 itself and added to a VR app or game. According to the company, this means that apps and games that use the Traffic API cannot save or view these camera images themselves.

The Traffic API allows users to use the physical keyboard within virtual reality environments, among other things. Click for gif.
Source: skylight
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