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Ola Pavish Agarwal has teased the upcoming electric car on Twitter

Paula Agarwal, CEO of Ola, teased Ola’s upcoming electric car on Twitter on Tuesday. The latest teaser film comes after Ola EV raised $ 200 million in new $ 5 billion fund.

Agarwal’s tweet shows a picture of an electric hatchback with the Ola logo on the front. In response to the tweet, Agarwal on Monday wrote that the person who bought the Tata Nexan EV and Ola S1 e-scooter will buy Ola’s electric car. “The next replacement vehicle should be the electric Ola,” Agarwal wrote.

In the meantime, more details on the final EV and release schedule await. It is noteworthy that the established multinational joint venture transport company entered the field of electric vehicle manufacturing last year. Earlier in November, Ola Electric announced the production of nine custom Ola S1 Pro motorcycles to special order for the Dutch Embassy.

Scooters will be used at the Netherlands’ three embassies in India, and the official color of the Netherlands will be painted in custom orange, and will feature the country’s official emblem.

The units will be delivered to the embassies in New Delhi and consulates in Mumbai and Bangalore as Ola begins delivery to customers in the coming weeks.

“We are delighted to be developing these custom scooters for the Dutch Embassy and are proud to have joined Mission Electric to ensure that petrol motorcycles are no longer sold in India after 2025,” Ola Founder and CEO Pavish Agarwal said in a statement. Rack.

Ola Electric plans to launch its electric scooters in international markets in Europe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia next year, according to the Bangalore-based company.

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