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Omtsigt: We have to change our behavior (Al-Tayrani)

Omtsigt: We have to change our behavior (Al-Tayrani)

“You want to tax frequent flyers more. Does that no longer mean a twice-a-year flying holiday?” asked presenter Fons Lampe. “It basically means going on a flying vacation once a year,” answered Umtsigt, who, according to two of the three polls, would be the largest in the election.

“We will all have to change our behaviour. When it comes to flying, we have to look at electric flying, but that will take time, and it also means that we will have to fly less and we will have fewer flights in Schiphol than we currently have.”

According to Omtzigt, it is important to be honest about this. Not only because of the climate, but also for the people of Schiphol. in Election manifesto He supports Schiphol’s deflation and also calls for night closures and additional airline taxes.

The discussion, in which VVD leader Dylan Yeselgoz and PvdA-GroenLinks leader Frans Timmermans also took part, as well as Umtzgut, did not include any major surprises in aviation. Yeselgoz reiterated her call for a kerosene tax with other European countries.

She and Umzigt also disagreed over the opening of Lelystad Airport. The VVD is one of the few parties still in favor of this, just like the JA21, but according to the NSC, this airport is not necessary at all if we travel less.

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