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One not: Cavendish wins again in Turkey the next day  Tour in Turkey

One not: Cavendish wins again in Turkey the next day Tour in Turkey

It looks like the Israel Start-Up Nation has been brushing the red carpet, but André Greipel couldn’t hide the fact that his fastest legs were disappearing for a while.

Jasper Phillipsen was well positioned, but Grebel’s pilot was seriously hampered by Rick Zappel.

Philipsen couldn’t fully defend his chances and saw Mark Cavendish running away from bickering on the other side.

The Brit convincingly won the second stage in a row. It would, of course, also strengthen his leadership position.

“It was a very difficult sprint, because the road was steep,” said Mark Cavendish. “The vowels in the last stage didn’t make it easier either.”

“My team remained patient and did a great job again. Also, Fabio Jacobsen, who participated in the tournament for the first time. I’m very proud of him.”

“Yesterday’s victory gave me confidence. We can still win here, also with Fabio. If he does go in sprints, he can win.”

Outcome stage 3:

1 – Mark Cavendish (Britain) – 212 km in 5u10’30 ‘
2. Jasper Phillipsen – All of them at one time
3 – Stanislav Aniolkovsky (Paul)
Christopher Halvorsen (no)
André Gribel (Doi)
6 – Manuel Belletti (ETA)
7 Arvid de Klein (NED)
8. Lionel Tamino
9 – Edward – Michael Grosso (Roe)
10 Giovanni Lunardi (ETA)

Stand in step 3:

1. Mark Cavendish (UK)
2. Jasper Phillipsen
3 Arvid de Klein (NED)
Christopher Halvorsen (no)
André Gribel (Doi)
6 – Stanislav Aniolkovsky (Paul)
7 – Pierre Barbier (FRA)
8 – Artyom Zakarov (Kaz)
9 – Garikwitz Bravo (spa)
10. Sean DB

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