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OnePlus drops Android 12 to update OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro – Tablets and Phones – News

GSMArena has already seen it and says it’s rubbish. It’s just the fair-skinned ColorOS that doesn’t match here and there, making it a miscellaneous mess. so sad.…_12_review-news-52205.php

OxygenOS 12 is a problematic update for several reasons. In terms of features, it adds many new features but also basically removes or changes things that users are accustomed to. In the end, the treatment doesn’t seem equal or fair and you feel like you’ve lost things you wanted to things you didn’t need.

In terms of design, the new update is Train Wreck. The combination of ColorOS, OxygenOS 11 and Android 12 elements creates a mixture of inconsistent, unpleasant and seemingly broken appearance that no longer has any identity of its own and is equally unattractive to everyone. Assuming any kind of design thought or concern seems foolish and the only goal seems to be to copy as much of Oppo’s homework as possible while trying to pretend this is still OxygenOS somehow.

The “collaboration” with OPPO is simply the end of OnePlus as we have known it. It’s now just a brand name for Oppo as Pico from Xiaomi. I’m disappointed that I joined the brand at the beginning of this year (just before everything was announced). It’s bad, because I usually spend 3 years with my phone.

Well the update is pulled now but that’s only for bug fixes of course. The problem is that the rule is corrupt. The real OxygenOS will not come back.

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