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Onscast with advisor Jan Boersma: Maintenance of public space

Onscast with advisor Jan Boersma: Maintenance of public space

Councilor Jan Boersma from the municipality of Son en Breugel joined Onscast, the podcast of Ons Son en Breugel, to talk about the maintenance of public spaces. Boersma shared his observations and thoughts during an interview about his involvement in the maintenance of public spaces.

Jan Boersma recently gained practical experience by participating in waste collection in the municipality. This experience has provided him with insight into the work done in public spaces and the challenges employees face. Boersma described his experience as educational and stressed the importance of understanding the processes surrounding waste collection.

He participated in collecting green waste and organic waste bins, noting that using a side bulldozer greatly facilitates the work for employees. “With a side loader like this, it's a lot lighter, because one person sits in the truck and operates the buttons. So it's not hard work, at least not physical. Boersma explained. He also stressed the importance of citizens placing containers correctly to improve collection efficiency.

Reducing cost increases

The conversation continued about the level of waste collection service and the costs involved. Boersma explained that reducing the level of service, such as collecting solid and organic waste every two weeks instead of weekly, is a strategy to control costs. The importance of proper segregation and minimizing residual waste is one way citizens can contribute to reducing increases in the cost of waste treatment.

Boersma also spoke about public space maintenance, discussing various aspects including grass mowing, tree trimming, garbage handling, and road and sidewalk maintenance. He explained that the municipality takes several considerations when determining the level of maintenance, where safety and environmental sustainability play a role.

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Have a conversation

Boersma also answered citizens' questions about specific issues, such as cutting down trees for solar panels, accessibility during road work and dealing with reports of dangerous situations in public places. He stressed the importance of cooperation between the municipality and residents to keep public places clean, safe, and easy to access.

The interview ended with Boersma calling on the residents of Son en Breugel to actively contribute to maintaining a clean and livable environment. He stressed the importance of conscious waste management, reporting problems in public places and the need to continue discussions on maintaining the quality of life in the municipality.

Residents were encouraged to report problems in public places via the municipality's website and to contact Alderman Boersma for further questions and comments at [email protected]. You can submit a report in a public place via: this link.

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