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Opera releases Web3 encryption browser for Windows, Mac and Android – IT Pro – News

The company behind the Opera web browser has announced a Web3 browser with a built-in crypto wallet, the Crypto Browser Project. The beta version of the browser is available for Windows, macOS, and Android. The browser is functionally slightly different from the standard Opera browser.

Browser depends on Web3It uses Chromium, just like Opera itself. Encoder Browser Project He has a home page, or “Crypto Corner” where users get the latest blockchain news, as well as information about upcoming airdrops, events, NFTs, educational content, podcasts, videos, and crypto prices.

In addition, the browser features a built-in crypto wallet that allows the user to access their coins and log into some decentralized applications, without the need to install additional extensions. Users can also select a different wallet in the browser, via a file wallet locator tool. The browser also features a secure clipboard that allows users to copy and paste securely. This is important if users want to share their wallet numbers. Opera has been testing this feature since December and It should also come to Opera 83.

The browser is not much different from the standard Opera browser except in the name and in terms of the home page, but it has cryptocurrencies at its core. Opera started in 2018 with the test Ethereum wallet feature on Android, coming later It also came to the desktop. The ethereum wallet was launched at the end of 2018 Added to Opera. Opera 60 I got in 2019 Web3 and . support Sweetened Support for Web 3 dApps, or decentralized applications, which are now also included in this new browser. Users can access Web3 websites and decentralized applications from the address bar using the new application.

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The Crypto Browser Project also includes all the other standard features of Opera. For example, it is not necessary to log in to use a VPN, and the browser is equipped with an ad blocker and tracker blocker as standard. The browser is separate from Opera, and the regular Opera browser also retains Web3 support and its own encryption wallet. The Crypto Browser project is currently in beta, but should be released in the coming months, including support for Layer 2, Polygon, Solana, Near, Handshake, and Cosmos.