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Oppo Watch Free should offer a lot of functionality for less than 100 euros

Oppo Watch Free should offer a lot of functionality for less than 100 euros

With Watch Free, Oppo announces that it will launch an affordable smartwatch with all the necessary functions for an active lifestyle. The watch should cost €99 and include sleep monitoring, various sports modes and other health functions.

Osleep should provide comprehensive, personalized sleep monitoring and analysis before, during and after sleep, as snoring risk assessment should effectively detect sleep problems. In addition, the smartwatch sends bedtime alerts and analyzes sleep latency, sleep duration and sleep phase, including deep, light and REM sleep.

Watch Free supports more than 100 sports modes using a built-in 6-axis motion sensor and an optical heart rate sensor. Your efforts on the day are displayed in an overview. Additionally, built-in running cycles are available to achieve fitness and fat-burning goals, while 24-hour heart rate monitoring is also supported.

In terms of additional functions, message notifications, incoming call notifications, call rejection, music control and phone search function have been considered, so that you can use the smartwatch as an extension of your phone. Oppo claims a whopping 14 days of battery life, where you should get back a full day of use with just five minutes of charging.

Watch Free weighs 33 grams and is equipped with a 1.64 inch HD AMOLED display. Oppo also offers more than 40 watch faces. More specifications can be found over here.


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