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Orange waltzes made American women reach ten

Orange waltzes made American women reach ten

With a second win over the United States in two days, the Dutch national team ended a tumultuous week at Wagner Stadium on Sunday afternoon, following a research report. The Orange team won 10-0 thanks to three goals from Yippy Johnson. It was the biggest win in the Women’s Pro League.

In contrast to last Saturday (3-0 win), the Netherlands showed a huge difference in power this time around. Orange playing hockey was ridiculously better than poor America. Penalty Corner ran better than Saturday was a plus for the Netherlands. Still, the orange may have hit more often. 15-0 or higher results would not have been wrong.

With this victory, the Netherlands national team is further away from rivals Germany and Argentina in the Pro League rankings. Orange tops the table with seventeen points from six games. Argentina have won all their matches so far, but Los Leonas Has come into action only four times and is five points behind the Netherlands and has played less than two games.

Yippy Johnson scored three goals. Photo: Goyan Suiko

Bean Sanders Captain

Compared to the first clash with the United States, national coach Jamilon Mulders made some changes. Blues van der Plass replaces Marlos Keitels in midfield. Marente Barentsen played in midfield again instead of back. So Tessa Glassner, who was selected in Stella van Giles’ selection, got a place in the back.

The captain’s armband hung in Bean Sanders’ hand during the match. Frédérique Matla was named captain on Saturday, with the role assigned to Ledeviz Weldon in two games against Spain last February. National coach Jamilon Mulders’ decision not to appoint a definitive replacement for the injured Eva de Coyd for the time being cannot be seen in isolation from the hierarchical transition within Orange. Under Alison Annan’s division, the older players were clearly leaders, but the middle group behind the scenes is increasingly stirring.

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Just like on Saturday, Blumenthal Captain Sunny Carls came into action with the United States. This is his second international match for the United States. Carles was previously part of the skills led by national coach Alison Annan, but did not even play in an international tournament for the Orange.

The opening goal came nine minutes after hockey from the second penalty corner of the game. As head of the circle, Frederick Modla generally gains Mulders’ trust. Now she’s not in line, this is Yippy Johnson’s time. His first draw ended directly on the left side of the board: 1-0.

On Sunday afternoon the Orange team was able to cheer ten times. Photo: Goyan Suiko


In the first half, it came as a bit of a shock to the Netherlands that Olivia Bent-Cole’s low shot saved Josein Goining 1-1. It was a rare attack by the United States, which, like Saturday, raised a wall and essentially wanted to prevent a monster effect.

The Netherlands dominated and continued to face goalkeeper Kelsey Ping. At the start of the second quarter, the Orange team took a 2-0 lead through a penalty corner scored by Renee van Larhoven with his first goal in the Orange. Before the break, Johnson won 3-0 from the sixth corner of the Orange.

Frédérique Matla scored hard for 4-0 and scored the second goal of the match a few minutes later. Photo: Goyan Suiko

Pearls of goals

Madla shot the ball into the roof of the goal with a brilliant swipe 4-0 in the third quarter. Shortly afterwards, Josஜ Burke wrote his name 5-0. Shortly afterwards, Madla fired a hard-fought 6-0 shot, again the pearl of a goal.

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In the final quarter, after a fantastic solo, Johnson served his teammate Lideviz Weldon (7-0). Attacker Freak Moss signed 8-0. After a beautiful pass from San de Ward, Burke won 9-0. At the last minute, Johnson scored his third goal to make it 10-0.

Next week, the Netherlands will continue its Pro League campaign with two overseas matches in India. Only seven players from this selection will take part: Yippy Johnson, Kyra Forduine, Renee von Larhoven, Maronde Parentsen, Stella von Giles, Fiona Morkenstern and Tessa Glasner. The rest of the team is filled with talent and the best league players. This will be very difficult for Orange against the United States.

Netherlands – United States 10-0 (3-0)
9. Yippy Johnson 1-0 (SC)
19. Renee von Larhoven 2-0 (sc)
23. Yippy Johnson 3-0 (sc)
37. Frederick Madla 4-0
41. JuJJ Burke 5-0
43. Frederick Madla 6-0
51. Lideviz Weldon 7-0
53. Freak Moss 8-0
57. JuJJ Burke 9-0
59. Yippy Johnson 10-0 (sc)

Read below the highlights of the Pro League match between the Orange Women and the USA.